About Us

Uzman CRM is an innovative technology company that produces sectoral solutions in line with the needs of institutions. With its experienced team, each of whom is an expert in their own field, Uzman CRM successfully fulfills an important mission in the healthy management of projects and reaching the target. We aim to provide the most comprehensive solutions to the business needs of the institutions with its experience in different sectors such as Retail, Energy, Construction, Education, Aviation, Tourism, Textile and Automotive, especially in service. targeted.
Uzman CRM has aimed to be known and sought with its service quality and knowledge throughout its business life.

Our Mission

Uzman CRM undertakes the mission of developing effective, fast and efficient solutions in all projects. With our experienced staff, we always apply the developing technologies in our projects, with our experience and innovative business models we integrate, to continue our support by providing sustainable benefits to all our customers.

Our Vision

Professionals Follow-up and implementation of advanced technologies for effective solutions as CRM is our main goal. Our solutions, develop projects that provide added value to our country with our services, CRM and Business Solutions in the sector, Turkey and respected in the world, stable, being an institution evolving.

Our Values

  • To be a company that always learns and applies what it learns.
  • Always prioritizing business ethics in trade.
  • To adopt the notion of customer-centered work.

Our Difference

  • We know the dynamics of you and your industry well.
  • Our experience contributes to improving your business processes.
  • Analyzing customer needs well and providing the best solution.


Within the scope of Information Security Management System (ISMS)

  • Information Security Management System requirements; To establish a risk management methodology for our company, our customers and suppliers, which includes identifying information assets, determining risks, and taking control measures for risks in order to comply with the principles of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information,
  • To protect the confidentiality of our customers' information, to ensure compliance with standards and legal regulations,
  • To provide and maintain the necessary resources for hardware, software, training and other controls to reduce information security risks,
  • All personnel and business partners; To provide awareness, training and encouragement in order to ensure that information security participates and complies with the ISMS, as required by the holistic approach,
  • To control, monitor and review the efficiency of ISMS with internal and external audits, and to harmonize and continuously improve the system; is our ISMS policy.