Basically , Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a customer data platform. It offers businesses the ability to collect, combine and enrich customer data, and then to analyze based on artificial intelligence based on this data. Allows the creation of intelligent insights by compiling data from different sources within the system.


1. Advanced Dialogue Based on Artificial Intelligence

You can get the information you desire by asking questions to the system in your natural language to build models powered by Azure Open AI to generate insights about your Dynamics 365 Customer Insights customers. Thus, you can reduce the effort you spend to create reports within the system and extract meaningful comments from them in order to access information, and you can even get more accurate results.

2. Data Collection

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights has a large set of connections to collect data and allows for integration in many different ways. As you can add your data with Power Query, you can also collect your data directly from Dataverse or Azure Datalake. The system provides periodic or instant updating of the data you collect as requested..

3. Data Merge

The data collected from different sources in Customer Insights are correlated according to the matching rules determined to both deduplicate customer data and create an integrated customer profile, and duplicate customer records are cleaned and unified customer fields are created..

4. Data Enrichment

Customer profiles created in the system through Microsoft or other sources are enriched and a 360-degree customer view is provided.

5. Export

You can extract customer profiles, data, metrics, forecasts and segments in Customer Insights and integrate them with different systems you have used.

6. Measurements

With the data obtained through customer profiles and activities created in Customer Insights, it is possible to measure as desired with a wide functionality.

7. Predictions

Customer Insights gives you smart predictions based on created customer profiles and activities. Here, you can develop your own AI models as well as use the models provided by Microsoft. These models include models such as product recommendation, revenue forecasts, customer churn model and customer sentiment analysis..

8. Segment Creation

You can create your segments in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. While creating your segments, you can take advantage of Microsoft's advanced artificial intelligence assistance, or you can manually create your own segments and integrate them into your marketing systems.

It enables you to better understand and interpret your customers' behavior with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. With the insights it provides, you can improve your marketing strategies and make your campaigns more efficient. You can create strategies based on artificial intelligence and increase your competitive advantage.