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Consultancy SERVICES

Uzman CRM conducts consultancy of your projects and business processes with expert consultant staff who have experience in their own sector.

We are in the process of setting up project management processes that will increase the productivity and efficiency of your projects, with the experience gained in more than 30 projects that we have successfully completed in different sectors and the expertise of our expert consultants and methodologies to provide added value to your business processes.


Uzman CRM develops software solutions that meet your needs end-to-end with a team of specialized software engineers.

We are developing and developing Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects, Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Projects, Custom Portal Projects, Web - Mobile Applications and Kiosk - Case Systems applications as integrated systems at our focus point.

Data DeduplIcatIon

Uzman CRM cleans, enriches and updates customer data as many as millions of customers with its successful data deduplication project.

There are 3 main stages of data deduplication.

  1. Data Cleaning
  2. Data Deduplication
  3. Data Enrichment

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TraInIng ServIces

Uzman CRM organizes training that your organization needs with competent and certified consultants in its field.

We continue our training services with our experience and success stories in the modular structure of Dynamics CRM (Account, Contact, Sales, PreSales, Marketing, Campaign, Service, Case ..) with our expert consultants and competent team who are awarded the Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP award in 2012 and 2013.

ServIce and MaIntenance ServIces

Uzman CRM offers Service, Maintenance and Operations after every successful project.

It is an important process to develop the projects, to operate them in the institution, to develop them with new requirements and to carry out performance-maintenance works. We are giving service - business - services with our support group behind every project we have completed as an Uzman CRM.

OutsourcIng ServIces

With Uzman CRM outsourcing services;

  1. Microsoft .Net Resource Leasing
  2. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Resource Leasing
  3. CRM Process Consultancy
  4. Customer Experience Consulting
  5. Analyst and Trainer Rental

It provides resources in many areas such as. Offers certified professionals and cost advantages in their field.