HIgh QualIty RelIable ServIces

Who Are We?

Uzman CRM, is an innovative technology company that produces sectoral solutions in line with the requirements of the companies.

With the experienced team who are experts in their field, each with its own ensures the proper management of the project. For this reason, an important mission to fulfil in achieving the goal successfully.

Service, Retail, Energy, Construction, Education, Aviation, Tourism, Textile, Automotive with experience in different industries such as, aims to provide comprehensive solutions for the business needs of organizations. Our company throughout the life of the business, quality of service and knowledge is aimed to be recognized and sought after.

Uzman CRM is a consulting firm whose philosophy is based on quality service and customer satisfaction. CRM solutions, Portal Solutions, and Business Intelligence solutions in every project we develop, we are continuing to serve without compromising our values.


Uzman CRM is active in all projects, undertakes the development of fast and efficient solutions.

Our mission is to implement in our projects we have experienced staff that is always evolving with today's technologies and we have integrated our experience and innovative business models, with sustainable benefits to all our clients by providing our support to continue.


Uzman CRM as fundamental to the implementation of advanced technologies for monitoring and effective solutions is our goal.

The solutions we have developed, with our services, we aim to develop projects that provide added value to our country. CRM and business solutions sector in Turkey and in the world respected, stable, we aim to be a thriving institution.