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Solutions tailored to each sector, prepared according to industry dynamics...

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Customer Management

Manage your Customer and Contact data through a single system. Access to all your customer data on a single screen with 360 ° view.

Lead Management

Manage the actions of your potential customer. Report your client acquisition rates with your efforts.

Document Management

Dynamics CRM - Sharepoint integration allows all sales, contract documents to be associated with your customers and accessed via a single structure.

Activity Management

Create corporate memories by managing activities such as phone, mail, meeting, e-mail, sms with users through a single system.

Marketing Management

Plan your marketing efforts towards your customers. Create your target groups statically or dynamically via the simple interface, on the criteria you want.

Campaign Management

Report your return rates to your customers by running your campaign processes through your channels like e-mail, sms, mms, twitter, facebook, call center.

Contract Management

Manage your customer service, maintenance, SLA contracts, store it on a single system. Keep track of relevant workflows and approval mechanisms and directions.

Sales Management

Manage all your sales processes and historical data through a single system. Measure and report on the effort you spend as much as the sales turnaround.

Demand Management

Evaluate your requests, suggestions, and complaints requests on a single system for increased customer satisfaction. Increase your process efficiency and reduce your costs with Call Center integrations.

Service Management

Define your service, create related tools and equipment, perform task assignments. Instantly monitor the productivity of your tools and check all your service processes.

Order and Shipment Management

Customize your orders according to your management workflows you have collected via E-Commerce, Front-Desk, ERP or direct CRM. Determine your post-order shipment methods and follow the steps.

E-Commerce B2B-B2C Integrations

Collect incoming requests, suggestions, complaints, requests through your e-commerce site and your ports, and automate your Demand Management workflows. Communicate your campaign content on CRM in your e-commerce environments.

ERP - Accounting System Integrations

ERP - Integration with your accounting systems, access your customer summary financial data from within CRM, evaluate in your sales processes. Transfer sales transactions through CRM to your ERP system.

Kiosk - Enclosure Environment Units

Ensure that the campaigns you define on CRM are communicated to and processed by your cash or kiosk systems. Get your product and product groups defined in the Kasper into CRM and use them in your campaign processes.

Loyalty Card Management

Set up special campaigns for customers, keep Score-Expense cards on CRM. Observe your behavior, create your value segmentation data, your Churn analyzes.


Survey and Social Media Management

Follow social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, ş and press bulletins through the software we have developed or via CRM. Capture and report on your organization's posts.

Fantasy Sales Team

FantasySalesTeam is a gaming application developed by sales specialists for sales professionals. Prepared to help companies achieve higher performance than sales team.

Data Deduplication

Your Customer Data with Uzman CRM, Advanced Data Deduplication Server Always the Most Current, the Richest. For detailed information on Cleansing Data, Deduplication and Enrichment Features Please Click

Field Service

Microsoft FieldOne enables customers to implement a field service management strategy by increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of valuable resources.

Social Engagement

Contact social media with customers, fans, and critics to get an idea of how customers actually feel about your business.

ADX Studio

Adxstudio, a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft, offers web portal and application life cycle solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint and .NET platforms.

Power BI

With Power BI, you can get real-time information from your Microsoft Dynamics CRM data.

Office 365

Work anywhere you want, on the device you want and when you want. Whether you work in your office or on the move, you have familiar, first-rate productivity tools.